[SPOILER ALERT] I have lost the will to play the walking dead

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by synth_apparition, Aug 31, 2012.

  1. They killed Carly D: Carly was my favourite character, and then lilly shot her in the head. I ditched Lilly and now the only reason I want to play this game is because of Clementine.

    Anybody else think this? :p
  2. Walking Dead: The Game
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  3. dont play it ;) dunno why i clicked the thread. Just bored i think
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  4. Yup. Carly and Clem. especially Clem. only people really ANYONE cares for.
    NEVER EVER EVER post stuff like this to here, you can say you lost the will to play it BUT C'MON HUMAN IS CURIOUS :<

    Now I dun like to play it :<
  6. Just Fudge :<
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  9. I didn't know there was a game...


    Edit: I read it as. I lost the game... I fail
  10. It seems people are playin THE GAME still even there was spoilers, but seriously, go somewhere else to post shiz spoilers like this :<
  11. Since it also says, only " I have lost the will ... :<
  12. It says [SPOILER ALERT] in the title -_-
    Yes :D
    The next time I hear somebody say YOLO I am going to shoot myself.
    Duck is annoying, Lilly is just an idiot, and Larry was a grouchy old bat who is the only character i'm glad I killed.
    Katjaa and her husband (I forget his name) I don't really care for.
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  13. How about [TWD Spoiler Alert]
  14. Remember to Buckle up when you are driving, YOLO.
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  15. YOLO!
  16. *Shoots self* :D
  17. Yes, they advertise it on Steam because it comes out in Episodes. I've yet to play it. I WANT IT DANGIT!
  18. You know I never really enjoyed the Walking Dead series.
  19. Tv Series is awesome but the comics are better IMO. Though if you go by the Comics, Series and Game it looks like all have different characters even though it's all done by the same guy, which annoys me.