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  1. I was wondering if anyone had posted the idea or if it already on the forums and I'm blind, adding a forums for each server so players who most often play that server can have more communications within there groups. For Example:

    Smp 1's Forum
    SMp 2's Forum
    Utopia Forum

    If this is already the case and I am blind, my apologies. : )
  2. I like this idea! :)
  3. I dont like it
    I LOVE IT! :D
  4. Great idea! I'm sure this would greet many uses :)
  5. YEA its great!!!
  6. I don't think there is enough certain server related content to need them.
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  7. Awesome! It could be called Server discussion, so people can ask for help or get shop listings from their own server!
  8. Or people selling market stalls, or offering jobs.
  9. I dont think it would be used heavily but it would serve a purpose to help refine things people are looking for since it would reduce some of the other forum use and messages wouldnt be pushed so far down the line as fast.
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  10. This is kinda the main idea i have about it. Each server could have a sticky'd shop list that gives locations and general items at each store. I know i try to shop around other servers but it takes way to long to get a response and find well established shops
  11. Why not a "'shop" section of the website where you can see a list of all shops of a specific server. I mean in know the forum post says to search the forums with the keyword shop but it spams the most recent posts and minimal shops. A Shop List would be might Nice!
    Edit: I am making a forum post where people will post shop residences and will compile in about a week so. Here is the Forum Link http://empireminecraft.com/threads/shop-list.5790/
  12. Okokok.

    This was indeed posted and discussed already, so your blind xD
    Anyways: We don't need different forums for each server, reason it's simple.
    A EMC player can live at smp3, have a shop at smp6, a farm at smp7 and likes to mine at utopia, so maybe if he is interested in something he would have to check 4 different websites for info, well, EMC it's a huge integrated comunity (that's the reason for the cross-server xp, the vault and many other cross-server stuff).
    It would also be pointless to make different forums for another reason: There is not enough content.

    If you want to find great shops and what they sell: http://emcshops.org/
    If you want to discuss about market stuff: http://empireminecraft.com/forums/marketplace/
    If you want to find anything else: http://empireminecraft.com/search/
  13. we have an emc shop site! just google it :)
  14. don't you think it may split the community ? as it is, everyone mucks in each others threads etc etc?

    if you have server specific ones, then in the majority people would only talk to those in that server?
  15. I love it. Only issue when arise when your talking about server side everything in one kinda things