[SplinterVille] - Semi-Private Log Farm! -{Memberships Available!]-

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    Basically The same thing as Mystul's Merino Farms idea (Link), but with Logs instead of sheep :D
    The Permits Are 5,000 Rupees to buy, and Once Bought, You Get access to SplinterVille FOREVER!
    I will ONLY Sell 16 Permits, So Buy Before They're Gone!
    To Buy a Permit, go to 2355 On SMP1 And Step on the Pressure Plate In front of you that Reads '[SplinterVille]' ( Do NOT Pay me directly, I will just give you your money back and tell you to buy a book, It's a waste of your time, and mine).
    If you have any Questions, Reply to this thread or PM Me.

    This Will Definitely Pay off in the long run, I've tested and it seems that you can get 15-20 stacks of logs PER Harvest! A Double Chest of logs Goes for 5,000 to 8,000 Rupees!

  2. RULES
    (I will add more Rules as needed.)
    1.) Don't leave Floating trees (You MAY Let the leaves decay, this just means to chop ALL The wood out!!)
    2.) Replant the Trees! This will make sure that there are trees for everyone!
    3.) Sell Back any and all Extra saplings you have (After Replanting, of course!)
    4.) Don't take all the Iron axes (I will be adding this feature tomorrow!)
    5.) (This isn't a rule, but a suggestion) You don't Absolutely need bonemeal! Trees will grow Fine without it if you AFK (Away-From-Keyboard) There for a while!
  3. I think it'd be pretty beneficial to know any other perks, the machine, and/or a picture of how it works :)
  4. Unlimited Supply of Iron Axes? Bone meal maybe?It's not a machine, just a classic farm, Screenie Below: 2013-04-07_19.34.57.png

    Anyways, another thing to point out is that this is not Done yet. It will be a construction zone for the next week, or possibly 2, just until i can get it all sorted out and everything...
  5. 6 Permits have been sold so far :D
  6. Ill buy one
  7. I will buy one
  8. I bought a permit, would gladly appreciate it if would have my perms. Ty in advance!
  9. H hasnt been on since Sunday I believe. Just be patient for him to return.
  10. I'm back! Sorry I haven't been giving perms, took a little break from The computer for a while :O
    Also, If you've paid for perms, and have not gotten them yet, PM Me with [SplinterVille] As the topic or whatever :p
    P.s. To whoever stole my book, Please return it :3
  11. If anyone has problems, and Tom is not on, please PM me and I will attempt to take care of it. I can NOT however give perms, but I can do everything else. And for those PM'ing me about adding a beacon to the res, it will not happen. Why would we put something worth 10k on a res with build perms? xD
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  12. Oh. and to those that have lived under a rock for the past couple of days, Bunker is the new Co-owner of 2355 :p
  13. I see you guys got the beacons! I never knew that we cant break beacons if we dont have use lol
  14. also dont steal the iron, or tom will be contacting a mod to find out who does it and since mods cant ban for stealing on res, tom will ban from his res. Just an FYI kind of tip :p
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  15. Completely True, So Don't Take D:
    1. Currently Under Construction at 2558
    2. This WILL cost an additional 5k to existing members as membership is limited
    3. I will have 20 memberships available (That is All)
    4. This is RIGHT next door to the Original Splinterville, and why I am making this is because the Original is out of passes
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  17. I'm TomCasalino, And I Approve This Message.
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