Splinter Cell: Blacklist

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  1. i might try to get it for xbox, but my computer can barely run sims or sims city, so any other game would probably kill it.
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  2. My computer, on occasion, has massive framerate drops on Sims 3 and SimCity, but it usually runs games like Tomb Raider, Hitman: Absolution, and Crysis 2 at a steady 30-40 FPS on low-medium settings. Although, in larger areas and around more enemies, I get a massive drop to 15 :p
  3. My computer has 3 GB of ram and it hardly runs mc. I play at like 20 FPS, so...yea
  4. Minecraft runs at 10FPS for me, even though I have some pretty decent specs and an overclocked GPU :p And also, do you have a desktop or laptop? If you have a desktop, you should seriously consider buying a 5GB RAM stick to add onto your 3GB. It's about £10 per GB of RAM :p It will definitely improve your performance.
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  5. Laptop, I am begging our dad to get our desktop fixed, but he keeps putting it off.
  6. Peasants :D
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