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  1. Since joining this server two weeks ago, I have participated in three spleef matches. Two were one dirt and one on snow, all with stone shovels. I am currently 3-0, and I will take on anyone in the server. I am on SMP2 most often, but I visit each of the other SMP servers regularly. PM me if you want to challenge me. I will accept any challenge, and I will post my wins/losses here.
  2. Current Record:

    1- SMP2
    GregOwnz's arena
    Unknown opponent

    2- SMP1
    MinerNicolas's arena
    Unknown opponent

    3- SMP1
    wazookeebomb's arena
    Against wazookeebomb

    4- SMP3
    funky6399's arena
    Against volker7

    5- SMP3
    funky6399's arena
    Unknown opponent


    1- SMP3
    funky6399's arena
    Against funky6399

    2- SMP3
    funky6399's arena
    Against funky6399


    *If I beat you in one of the first two matches or the second at funky6399's, post here and I'll add your name*
  3. ill challenge u soon. hopefully REAlly soon im 5-0-0
  4. About to go in a tourney on SMP3
  5. Can I try for fun? By the way, I have no idea how to spleef
  6. Spleef is a game created in Minecraft Alpha. The point is to delete the block below your opponent, causing them to fall a ways. My brother might be building an arena in his castle on SMP3. If he does, I'd be happy to face you!
  7. ill spleef on smp1 if someone has an arena
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  9. lol
    Rampage :D
  10. well when i tryed to get on it was full >.<
  11. I will get my brother to build his arena at 6003 ASAP, but until then if you can find an arena and we're both on and I'm not busy, I'll take you on.
  12. I made on in the wild. SMP1 coord is about x 290 y 70 z 160
    it's near the big long bridge.
  13. Hey i know, but i got owned 5 times trying to get there and i got lost