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  1. So recently a lot of people where saying who has spleef who has spleef and in my mind i was saying NOBODY NOBODY HAS SPLEEF :mad:. then it hit me. my head was hurting (and just because my brother threw something at it) but i got to work and i made spleef! and its now open i have 4 stands and a huge arena come to my res to check it out.
    prices are

    Diamond Shovel-50

    Iron Shovel-40

    Stone Shovel-30

    Wood Shovel-20

    - TheKeyOfStupid54
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  2. You might wanna add the server and res number :)
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  3. sorry guys i burnt it down:(
  4. isnt there a spleef arena at the community amusement park on smp3?
  5. That there is. Though, some of the floor was missing last time I went there. O_O
  6. You need to give your ideas time before you just burn them down Key. I helped you build your hotel and two or three days after you opened it you claimed it wasn't getting enough money so you made the Spleef arena. You built the arena the day before yesterday and then started announcing yesterday that it wasn't bringing in money. Some pointers would be not to charge so much for a shovel and not to just give up after the first day.
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