Spleef Tournament!

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  1. I have been waiting for the chance for a spleef tournament forum but however no one is bringing up the subject! So, I have decided to run my own spleef tournament and give out prizes to winners! There will be betting on players, raffles, specialty spleef (spleef with obstacles) and the tournament spleef! It starts June 6th and people can enter when im on up to June 4th. Donations for prizes, and raffle prizes are much needed. The prizes will vary when I get how many people are gonna enter. But here is a small laydown of pricings:
    Spleef Entry: 3r
    Spleef Shovel (Must be stone shovel): 1r
    Raffle Ticket: 10r
    Minimum Bet: 10r

    On June 5th the prize list will be set up like so:
    1st place: If 2 people enter
    2nd place: Only if 4 people enter
    3rd and 4th place: Only if 8 people enter

    I try to get up the 3rd and 4th place but the tournament shall be double elimination.

    If you have any questions pm me.


    EDIT: If you wish to enter, go to SMP9 res 19209

  2. I love me a good spleef.
  3. Im In Go On Smp2 Around 6 est ( p.m
  4. I can't, I have Challenge soccer tryouts at 6
  5. I will donate 5000r and i will enter in the tournament.
  6. Im on smp9 now, go there to enter!
  7. Redwing I wanna enter please sign me up. I have soccer tryouts and I have to leave. Bye bye
  8. I didnt see your post until now. am i still in?
  9. of course
  10. Can I enter without going to SMP9? I am unable to get on in game (no connection issues or anything like that, I am restraining myself), so can I just join on the site?
  11. So am i in the tournament Redwing?
  12. Yes and yes! That orchestra concert was awesome! there were... oh nvm.
  13. Use TNT blocks, they break with 1 hit. No shovel needed.
  14. I'm disappointed in you. ;)

    I agree, we should use TNT.
  15. I apologize for the nooby question, but what is spleef?
  16. Spleef is a game in where you have to dig under the person's feet using shovels if dirt, pick if stone or axe if wood and if you can manage to get your opponent under the platform (floating in mid air) you win :)
  17. Ok! TNT shall be placed under you two! (Alex and nerone try to run away but are blocked by slimes) (BOOM) (I use my evil laugh! MUAHHAHAHHA (cough) (sputter))TNT is under the specialty spleef category. We put a block of tnt in the middle and see what changes it and use that as spleef arena
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  18. That sounds terrible. Are nerone and Alex okay?
  19. No, we're dead.