Spleef Field Ideas

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  1. We've been considering the possibility of putting a Nether Spleef Arena on each server. I like the idea of different types of spleef field themes too though. ...something we may also consider. :)
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  2. I think it would be a nice addition to all the servers. I'd be happy to help out if I am able to.
  3. I think a Forest Spleef would be a good idea (Building off Shaun's Idea) because you could make a wooden spleef field so people could go to that server for an Axe while they would visit SMP1's Nether Spleef for a Pickaxe. (Could be an Arctic Spleef for Shovel, and the Forest Spleef could also use leaves and require a Sword.)
  4. Maybe we should start a new thread for this, we are kinda hijacking it. :p
  5. Hijacking is GOOD! :D
  6. I've moved this discussion to a new thread.

    Topic shifting, or "hijacking", is fine, but this topic is worth it's own thread I think. :)
  7. Thank you, oh and you might want to edit that last post Liz. ;)

    So, what are everyone else's thoughts on this? So far we have the idea of a different themed spleef arena on each server, possibly needing a different tool for the job. Maybe the arenas could not only have different themes, but have different sizes/layouts?
  8. Sorry for Hijack :p
    It was a necessary evil.
  9. Dang typos! lol
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  10. Well, I have an idea.
    Mabye you could have games for fun (diamond pickaxes) And games like championships, with harder arenas to further you are in the championships. The prizes would be hard to get items, like diamonds. And mabye even rupees?
  11. Maybe one could be multi layer spleef, the other maybe un jumping spleef?
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  12. Multi layer spleef could be very interesting. I don't know why this made me think of mario kart multiplayer. Maybe we could add arrow firing dispensers to the field, as an extra danger! Hehe, can you imagine MY spleef arena? :p
  13. for a desert arena, sand could be used for the field

    dunno if its a glitch or not, but signs can float freely by "placing" them on another sign like this:
  14. I like the championship idea. Like a spleef league, that would be cool.
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  15. championships would be cool. maybe a rank board of top spleefers?
    i have my own set of rules. everyone gets 1 stack of dirt to build walls (NOT REPAIR THE FLOOR), 1 bucket, (NO SPAMMING WATER
    Uber_Corq, i know you see this
    ) and stone shovels. anyone like my rules??
  16. ok i like speef
  17. Hmmm...
    You guys should make a 12-block-deep MEGA-SIZE spleef arena. I played in one of those once, and it took like an hour for somebody to win, but it was FUN. (perhaps that could be the snow spleef?)
  18. I really like the Idea of spleef arena's cause today I've been on my home server (smp3) looking for someone with a spleef arena so on the whole I want to do it. But going off topic a bit maybe on some servers like smp5and6 instead of spleef either a parkour arena somewhere or a large empire lucky dip/casino but trust me I don't mind if you say no;).
  19. There is already a large public parkour thing on SMP6 at SRHMC's residence. And Dark_Liz: If you ever make a spleef arena with a stone or cobblestone floor, I can make it auto-rebuild itself.
  20. You should have a portal that leads to a separate spleef arenas thing with snow spleef, jungle spleef, desert spleef, swamp spleef, mycel spleef, mushroom spleef, plains spleef, birch spleef, and a final spleef made out of endstone for official play only