Spleef Event! -Starts in 1 hour 30 minutes-

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  1. Hello EMC, I am Redwing2000, glad owner of the SMP2 Events Center and Red's Mini-Mart 3842! I am here to present an event. Details Below:

    Starts in 1 hour 30 minutes (9:00 EST)
    Mega Spleef! (Triple Layered)
    Ticket to Play: FREE OF CHARGE
    Prize: 1.5k! (Subject to change)
    Res #: 3842
    Maximum # of Players: 24

    This Event and Center is NON-PROFIT
    I have only created it for the benefit of enjoyment.

    GL HF!:)
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  2. O wait forgot the rules
    Well here they are!
    • All EMC rules are followed here. Pain in the Chats shall be reported.
    • Only use Iron Shovels without the enchantment of Efficiency.
    • No using dirt to get back up. Same goes for Enderpearls.
    • Speed Potions are permitted.
    • Ender Pearls are only for teleporting to different places
    • Building a dirt pillar beneath you is not permitted.
    • Have fun!
  3. Red, your signature is incorrect. There is drama every time I'm on Smp2.
  4. 10 minutes!