Spider head?

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  1. I was hunting and i got a spider head? anyone know the value?
  2. They just came out today, probably a bit more then the current heads because there are less of them at the moment.
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  3. I just sold it for 800r :D
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  4. I found a zombie pigman head as well.
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  5. Spider head...? Zombie pigman head...?
  6. i have a cow head
  7. There an other reason to play on EMC :D
  8. i got a cow ocolot head and a chicken head :D i wan a ender and pigman pm if you wanna trade :)
  9. I got a ghast head :D
  10. can someone please answer this can u only get the mobs head if u kill them in the wild
  11. Got 4 pigman heads.
  12. Um? Could you use proper grammar please? Its hard to understand you.
  13. You can get the head of a mob that is not aggressive in town but you have to go to wild or waste to get heads of other creatures.
  14. It wasn't really that confusing