spider grinder?

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  1. so i have a wild base on smp3 and like 20 blocks under it is a spider dungon and i want to make a grinder out of it i have no idiea how to even start one so if someone can get me a good tutorial or can come out and make it (i will pay) that would be great
  2. Just found this on bing.

  3. I saw the chance.....i took it.
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  4. This is cave spider, and also, Not hard to make lol
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  5. Be careful - spiders and cave spiders are of different sizes, so their respective grinders must be built somewhat differently.
  6. i just want a simple dropper one that does not require redstone as i have none
  7. I have lots of redstone... I could probably give you some.
  8. sorry if this is a bump :p but i started making the one that you posted an i need the stuff in the video i will pay lots for this
  9. What part? pistons?
  10. yes
    i can pm you the cords