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  1. I'm wondering what y'alls speedtest.net scores are.

    Here's me:

  2. 0 ms ping..? You probably have such a high score because you're so close to the server. Maybe try one a fair distance away from you :p

    I don't feel like doing one right now but the last time I did it was like 19 download and 2.5 upload I believe.
  3. When i did the pingtest.net I got 6ms ping. im going to take the 6ms ping as actual though.
  4. My ping was like 55 at the lowest lol
  5. I feel so alone...

  6. Would someone like to tell me the nearest pit to Vancouver where I can throw my internet off of? A mountain or very tall tree would work as well.
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  7. It's Okay guys, there's enough internet to go around. :cool:

  8. I suppose mine is ok

  9. Its okay nick, you can have some of mine.
  10. result/3023758505][/URL]
  11. I did it again to see if having things closed out helped
    but barely any differencw
  12. I find it a bit ironic that your ISP is called "Wow!"....

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  13. If only I had a decent computer to utilize my decent internet :p
  14. That is ridiculously high. You should do another, just in case ther was some awkward network error. :)
  15. I did it multiple times. ~300 lowest, ~400 highest.
  16. Hahaha :)
    The website sorts "Best ping" from highest to lowest :p
    So apparently the "best" ping time took more than 3 seconds...
  17. Lol, they must have just set it as a category standard of "sort by largest number.":p