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  1. So i went mining today in the waste and a message popped up saying "You sense an eerie presence..". Knowing i didn't have the right equipment to fight a Marlix or Momentus, i built a pillar up ASAP, But when i got above ground i see BOTH of them roaming around. I ran back to get some gear and potions from my res, and ran back. The whole fight was in a desert while it was raining, and halfway through lightning struck literally 2 blocks away from me. In the end, I killed Momentus but Marlix got away. I don't know if he despawned, but this is the second time a Marlix had ran from me. Can anyone give tips for fighting Marlix? He always seems to end up flying away during the fight and i can never find him again.

    .....And during the whole fight i had this video on repeat in the background XD


    Pics afterwards:
    Screen Shot 2014-08-01 at 9.29.01 PM.png Screen Shot 2014-08-01 at 9.30.50 PM.png
  2. Congrats on the kill!

    Marlixs tend to run away, and are harder to fight so I tend to avoid them, however they will not despawn so you can still find him! Keep in mind there is a higher chance of a momentus spawning there, now that one already has! :)
  3. Thanks! And in that case im guessing it flew way far off since i can no longer find him anymore... bummer :(
  4. what kind of gear do you need/recommend to fight a momentus?
  5. I'm playing on difficulty level 6 and i recommend diamond armor, probably with a few enchantments to be on the safe side along with some health potions. Some ender pearls to get away if your'e low on health because if you just run, he pulls you in. :)
  6. I fought a Momentus tonight with just a bow and arrow and was able to kill him.