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  1. After almost 2 hours now I have finished my required Speech outline for Speech class tomorrow.

    Woah, chespin your just now doing this project?
    Well google drive messed up and deleted my old one so I was left to make a new one :p

    I'm taking a short break so I dont explode XD and thought I'd share my progress so far.
    Feedback would be nice as well :)


    Speech Outline
    Alicia Escott
    Topic: Scorpion

    General purpose: To persuade

    Specific Purpose: To persuade others to watch Scorpion.

    Thesis: First aired on September 20th 2014, Scorpion is one of the most watched TV shows on the CBS Network.

    1. Introduction

    1. Attention Getter: Based on a real life expirence, the TV show “Scorpion” Directed by Nick Santora
    is about a team of geniuses who solve cases no one else can and save the world a
    bunch of times. Scorpion is a mix between Action, Comedy, etc.

    B. Reason To Listen: Based on the real life of Walter O’Brien and his team of geniuses, They do a lot of
    dangerous work to stop hackers, threats, and possibly even save the world.

    C. Thesis Statement : First aired on September 20th 2014 Scorpion is one of the most watched TV shows on
    the CBS network

    D . Credibility Statement : 1. I have been fascinated by the show Scorpion because it shows all the real dangerous
    things they have done, and all the funny moments and such that they had.
    2. I have rewatched all the episodes of Scorpion many times already, and done some
    research online already.

    E . Preview of Main Points:
    1.First I will introduce all the characters and explain what they do.
    2. Then I will Discuss some of the most fascinating1 missions they have done and accomplished
    3. Finally I will explain where season 1 left off.

    II. From The “Pilot” episode to the “Cliff Hanger” Scorpion is one of the most entertaining TV shows.

    1. Scorpion has some of the coolest characters than any other show.
    1. Walter O’Brien Is the leader of the team Scorpion, He is also a Computer expert.
    a. At age 11 Walter was arrested for hacking into NASA for the blueprints for his bedroom wall.
    2. Happy Quinn is A “mechanical Prodigy” and can build pretty much anything.
    3. Toby Curtis is a “World Class Shrink” and studys the human behavior.
    a. Toby gambles to relive stress and owes a lot of money to numerous people
    4. Sylvester Doods is A “Human Calculator” and solve any mathematical equation.
    a. Sylvester has a lot of fears, and hates situations at which he is exposed to germs.
    b. Sylvester also has a photographic memory which is very useful for missions
    5. Agent Cabe Gallo is the Government handler, and gets the team missions.

    6. Paige Translates the world for them, and help people understand the team.
    a. Paige wants to try and get Ralph to fit in with the kids his age.
    7. Ralph is Paige’s Genius son, and likes to hang out with the team.
    a. Ralph has difficulty fitting in with kids his age, and prefers to hang out with the team.

    III. The Team gets assigned missions only they can solve.

    1. The team on various types of missions, their very first mission was to fix the LA.X software so that all the planes could land safely.

    2. The 2nd episode of scorpion (called “Single Point of Failure”)
    The team must figure out who targeted the governor's daughter with a virus, they must quickly trace down the suspect as the governers daughter only has 24 hours to live.
    Walter is also dealing with a problem of his own. as he trys to do everything he can to help his older sister find a cure for her, Advance MS (Miltiple Sclerosis)

    3. Episode 9 (Rogue Element)
    The team must figure out who killed a local congressman and what the killers motive was.
    During the investigation Cabes Ex-Wife comes asking for help, she copied a suspicious file (from her work) onto a flash drive, as soon as she did that she became a target. worried she tossed the flash drive into a plant in the lobby so Walter must go undercover and go get it.

    4. When a argument in eastern europe threatens to escalate the team is called in to try and prevent world war II

    Season 1 left off with Walter in the hospital, after the team successfully saved walter from falling off the cliff to death in his car.
    Paige is glad that their last memory together wasn't a fight, and she decides to stay and work with the team in LA.
    Paige asks Toby, and Happy if they can watch after Ralph while she stays with walter in the hospital for a while more.
    Sylvester goes to check up on Megan (Walter’s Sister) and tell her that Walter is fine now.


  2. I had to do something like this last year. I did mine(mine had to be 8-10 minutes so it was a bit longer) on convincing people that Esports should be in the Olympics. You seem to have a similar format although you have many points per detail. I would maybe focus a tad bit more on reasons why the story-line is so great, not just the story-line itself. Just my thoughts, take from them what you want. c;
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  3. Just a grammar error I found:

    It would make better sense saying:
    "Scorpion has characters who are cooler than many other shows." Or something along those lines.
    "Scorpion's characters are cooler than other television shows."

    It is an example of pronoun-antecedent agreement I believe.
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  4. I will post the Speech later, now off to bed XD