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  1. I watched this earlier today. It's a good movie, IMO. Even if it is meant for kids and the voice acting is terrible :3
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  2. luv dat movie
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  3. When I was 1-4 I used to be obsessed with them because they looked cool. I had tons of dinosaur toys... now my baby brother owns the ones that weren't sold. Nowadays i'm more interested in them because of the way they evolved, hunted, grew etc.
  4. Yeah, I think my sister and I still have all the Land Before Time VHS's at Dad's. It was just something that came to me cause I'm sitting here bored and alone watching it lol.
  5. land before time is will always rule dinosaur movies!!!!
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  6. I love LBT :D That's an awesome movie. I also used to stay up until 1 o clock in the morning, when my mum and dad were asleep, just to watch Dinosaur King (Like Pokemon...but with dinosaurs). I also saved up for Disney's Dinosaur twice, when I was 4 years old, because I lost the disc >.>
  7. Speckles is a bit like LBT, just with a carnivore as the main character :p
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  8. yeah i watched a little bit of it and in my mind i was like "this is stupid, why am i watching this'" but i couldnt stop. had to though, homework :(
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  9. It gets better as Speckles gets older and has to hunt for himself, and he has quite alot of fights with his nemesis :p
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  10. >.> speckles is a boy? no wonder i was so lost about the beginning lol
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  11. xD Yes, he is a boy.
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  12. I mean come on Brit, how could you not tell? He had
    Blue booties :3 TROLOLOLOLOL J/k Lol
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  13. I have a strange obsession with Dragons.....
    i don't know why, i just LOVE them :3
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  14. PRO_DINO
    my new alt ;)
  15. My mum used to collect miniature dragon statues as a hobby. She spent over £3,000 on them. She was going to sell them a few months back, but now they all live on my shelf.
  16. Land Before Time was my obsession as a small child :eek:
  17. LBT and Jurassic Park were mine :p I find it funny because i'm 12, quickly approaching 13, and people say "12 YEAR OLDS WON'T REMEMBER DIAL-UP NES64 BLAH BLAH BLAH", and yet I have lived with all of them... I loved my NES :D
  18. My grandparents had like the first Super Nintendo :D The one with the big fat game cartridges you put in the top....i play Mario on that with my little brother any time i am visiting :D i don't ever rember having an Nes64 or any of them, but i do enjoy playing those kind of games.
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  19. It is my personal belief that the Dragons were in fact Dinosaurs, Dinosaurs did NOT just all die out one day, i believe that there were dinosaurs on Noah's Ark. the pictures we see of Knights fighting dragons and the like, i think were of the last few dinosaurs, and that Knights and the like helped push dinosaurs into extinction. Western dragons (I believe its the western ones) Were almost always portrayed as having two wings and two legs also known as a Wyvern. guess what else looked like that. Pterosaurs, Flying reptiles. now could they breath fire? most likely not, but it IS plausible if the conditions were right. Flying Reptiles usually could not chew do to lack of teeth, and had to swallow their food whole, they would eat smooth stones so that the food would get ground up inn their stomach by said stones, if the stones rubbed together they could spark. Now the pterosaurs would need certian glands to belch out gas that it could ignite after sparking, but this is plausible. That is just my theory on dragons :p

    (Edit) Also, artists in that time had a tendency to....embellish their paintings. At one point everyone was certian Giraffes were monsters. they called them "Questing Beasts" The skin of a leopard the head of a snake and the legs of a horse.