specialty white wool shop on smp2

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  1. ive started a specialty whitewool shop on smp2! nevel out of stock.

    again smp2 lot 4221

    70r per stack!!! come now

    now accepting bulk orders up to 100 stacks!
    if you will buy 10 stacks or more price will be 60r/ stack
  2. Good price...
  3. Ive gotten 50 per stack. Might wanna dye some of it, white wool isn't very popular.
  4. sorry, thats how i roll :3.
    white wool sells the most. maybe ill add black and red soon
  5. alarge chest full is waiting for all of you! remember smp2 lot 4221
  6. May I suggest my own store also?
  7. what do you mean? haha
  8. bring up my post :3
  9. I still have lots :3
  10. **Reply is unrelated**

    Aldrin, hows your hotel comming along :D?
  11. its fine, im not opening it yet. importerer is doing te interior. :)
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  12. Good, tell him I sent you :D

  13. i did haha
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