[Specialty Shop] Enchanted Weapons, Tools, and Armor

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  1. Hello, I have recently taken up the sorcery of "Enchanting". I have opened up a specialty shop for my wares and I would like all of EMC to take a look at them. All you have to do to order an enchanted item is to pm me either on the site or in-game. Here is my price guide:

    Aqua Affinity: 750r
    Bane of Arthropods: 400r per level
    Blast Protection: 300r per level
    Feather Falling: 250r per level
    Fire Protection: 300r per level
    Fire Aspect: 500r per level
    Flame: 600r
    Fortune: 1000r per level
    Efficiency: 300r per level
    Infinity: 1000r
    Knockback: 400r per level
    Looting: 1000r per level
    Projectile Protection: 300r per level
    Protection: 300r per level
    Punch: 350r per level
    Respiration: 400r per level
    Sharpness: 400r per level
    Silk Touch: 2500r
    Smite: 400r per level
    Thorns: 400r per level
    Unbreaking: 400r per level for tools, 500r per level for others

    Manufacture Fees:
    Diamond: 75r per diamond used
    Chain: 50r per (fire?) used

    Iron: Free, no extra fees

    These prices ARE NOT final. I can negotiate for prices if needed. I will take 5 minutes to 2 days for each order. Some orders will not be met. I will try to compensate as much as possible and reasonable for orders. Pick-up for most orders will be by sign shop at my res. Orders with 4 or more enchantments cannot be bought by shop and must be paid and picked up manually at my res, 3607, SMP2.

    Pickup: 3607, SMP2
    Order Time: 5 minutes to 2 days
  2. No one looking for enchanted goodies? :eek:
  3. It's a little pricey...
  4. I did mention we could negotiate. ;)