Specialized Server Forums?

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Server Specific Forums: To be or not to be?

Yes! I love this idea! 6 vote(s) 46.2%
No, this would not be useful, I find shops selling what I need easily enough already. 4 vote(s) 30.8%
I never go on the forums, so I don't care. 0 vote(s) 0.0%
RHUBARB! 3 vote(s) 23.1%
  1. Hey everyone,
    Recently I've started building a massive hotel on top of my res on smp2. However, this requires lots and LOTS of smooth stone and stone bricks. I've been asking around in town chat, but few people respond. And when they do, the shop is either running low on what I need or is out of stock completely. Now what I'm asking here is NOT for shops selling stone brick, but a simple solution to finding merchandise of any kind on your server. Now of course there is the keyword idea that I talked about in one of my previous threads, but I got this idea by searching the "Community Marketplace" Forum. A lot of times it is quite helpful in finding what I am looking for, but quite often there are posts not related to shops selling what I need on my home server. I'm not sure how easy it would be to do, but is it possible to add several new "Server Specific" Forums? For example, I can go to the smp2 forum and look for shops selling what I need in a "SMP2 Shop" Section, or just talk about residences or ongoing news, etc. on a "SMP2 Discussion" Section. If there is something that I am missing with finding shops on the forums, please let me know.
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  2. Why do you feel you need to buy stone on your server? Just use the vault.

    IMO seperate server forums would make things harder to find.
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  3. Thanks for the tip, but I have been following the shop database thread for a while now and I am very interested to see how it turns out. I have not seen the Delta Team one, but I will check it out, and thanks for the advice.
    I know the vault is free right now and I have been using this to my advantage to buy things on other servers, but when the reset is complete it will go back up to 10r, and using the vault a lot, that can add up. I'm just saying. :)
  4. Actually, the Delta Team project it's hidden, so you won't see much form it :/ just the design and concept... we will work for auctions also, so that we get clean auctions and we help admins with it :)
  5. It can, but if you find a place on another server that sells stacks of stone just 1r cheaper than everywhere on your own server, buy 20 stacks and you've already paid for the vault fee. If you buy a little bit here and there it will add up, but if you're buying in bulk the savings add up :)
  6. I actually think server specific forums are good to have even outside of shopping related activities.

    Its a pretty common thing to have unique forums per server in multi server communities.
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  7. Thing is that our comunity has people that (f.e.) lives on smp3, has a shop on smp2, it's making a huge project at Utopia and still likes smp7 to go /wild...
    The concept of integrated forums it's to integrate the whole comunity as a single huge empire...
    I think other stuff should be managed on subforums or other forums (like Delta's forums) :)
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  8. I don't think EMC is big enough for separate server forums to be useful. As copherfield says many people hop on different servers and because of this we have an EMC community, separate servers would encourage segregation. It makes sense on large games like World of Warcraft or Everquest 2 because most people who play will only ever play on one server, and the forum traffic is so much that server segregation makes it manageable.
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  9. Yeah, also it's important to consider the fact that this aint as active as 20k members should be...
  10. I'm fairly certain that's the number of people who have ever signed up, not all of them will have stayed, many will have stayed a while and moved on to other things.
  11. Why does that matter at all? Extra forums cost nothing in terms of server resources (ok, maybe 512 bytes of data, many single posts will consume more data than that)

    It doesn't matter if its actively used or not, it still provides a ground for server specific things where appropriate.

    Like the SMP2 community farm. That would be a good example of a topic, where ideas and donations were discussed for that server.

    Also, just because you server hop doesn't mean you cant post in all server forums you frequent.
    Most people likely do stick to 1. Think.... non supporters and iron (a majority of the members) can only have 1 res, they don't gain much from server hopping other than shopping.

    We lose nothing from having more forums. People already post threads in completely backwards forums, why would it be any different if someone posts a non server specific topic in a server forum..

    its no different than posting an EMC related topic in the gaming forum. Visibility is impacted.
  12. I never suggested that it would add to server resource usage.

    Say you lived on SMP5 and didn't read the other server forums, but a community farm would have interested you. You miss it because it was in a place where you thought you wouldn't be interested in.

    Maybe, I don't know most people. Some people like to explore other wildernesses, play with friends occasionally who reside on different servers, visit other peoples cool creations.

    Visibility is impacted. Therefore we do lose something. Sure, everyone could monitor all the forums, but if they're doing that, why split them up in the first place? It is my opinion that by separating server forums it is encouraging segregation of the community.
  13. hello i was planing on makeing a cheep hotel on 3923 on smp2 but i need suples like doors craft tables and tones of dirt after opening the price will e somewhere between 50 and 200 rupees so please donate at a box infront of the shop of 3923 please soon
  14. I'm working on this right now. I won't buy any domains unless the EMC admins give me the money. Untill then they will just be sub-domains. You guys will have to register new accounts unless I can contact the site provider for EMC. I will expect to have it up by 4/5/12. If you guys want to know who my website provider is, PM me here or on this the finsbed sites. I have three options for a provider, one of them being wikispaces, due to the rank ability of the sites.
  15. Ahmed, this isn't needed, you're wasting your time mate. :)