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  1. if anyone buys me the special firework on smp8 i will work for them for a year.
    like from today until 30/12/2012
  2. Dude... How do we know you'll stay for a year. Plus you might not be helpful. Many Minecraft projects are hard for people to explain making it hard for people to help. Just work for money now and buy one. Since your a new member I assume you haven't collected this:
    It's 15,000. So you'll only need 5,000 more. Good luck.
  3. i did already and i do hang around
  4. I just suggest working for the firework yourself. Not to many people will exchange something for "help".
  5. reply to me if want to do
  6. Stop bumping this thread it's not a good deal for anyone and plus just Get the money yourself Its only like 12 Diamonds worth 5000
  7. i have like 6000r
  8. 12 Diamonds are worth 5 thousand?
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  9. i do not know
  10. what am i doing wrong
  11. Begging, People really don't like it around here, work for you're money, you can start by voting, that's 700 or so rupees, then you can gather resources and sell them, Also - Why would someone pay you 15,000 rupees to work for you until 30/12/2012?
  12. 200...
  13. Woah, were are you buying you're diamonds from? I want to buy them at that price.
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  14. 50r diamonds? that's above the average price on SMP7. not sure about other servers.
  15. How are 12 diamonds at 50R each 200? :p
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  16. diamonds are 50r?! I should probably raise my shop :s
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  17. i was correcting how many diamonds would equal 5000. 200 diamonds is equal to 5000r.
  18. erm, try about double that.
    that's 25r each
  19. XD Derp. 100.