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  1. During the Thanksgiving Turkey event, a lot of spawns were underground. They are next to impossible to find even with the "x chunks away" message.

    The suggestion is to use the compass to, at least, find the direction. However, to be fair, the compass should not be activated until spawn has ~1 week left before despawning.

    How it would be used:
    The compass would show the direction of the nearest spawned event boss within 10 chunks that would be getting close to despawning.

    This would give us spelunkers a chance to find those dagburn birds (& other undergournd spawning event bosses). The "x chunks" message shows the distance and the compass shows the direction. It would still be up to the player to find the correct Y level.

    Complaint: There's 2 turkeys near my mining base in the wastelands. One is within 1 chunk and the other within 7. I tried to triangulate above ground to find the place where it would give me the message 0 chunks. Then I could dig until I got to that chunk. However, I failed every time.
  2. What I do is peer through a block and locate the hologram name that appears above the Super Turkey. Then once it’s located I just dig and work my way to the Super Turkey.. very easy, no X-ray tech required.

    I don’t think finding the event mobs needs to be any easier.
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  3. they also despawn now apparently so this isnt too much of a problem. its supposed to be challenging to find and kill them
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  4. Handy tip from a Boss killer / hunter. Hold F3 and hit G This brings up the chunk border lines. You can then get on zero chunks away. If you don't see him at ground level get in the center of the chunk, dig down 2 or 3 block. Place a bucket of water above you at ground level and dig down while underwater. You are looking for a "Gamer Tag Name" (In this case) Super Turkey. It won't take far at all to find him. The reason for water at top is to keep you from falling into a big ravine, lava etc. It also gives you a way back up to top easily. If there is a lava pond below the water will turn it to Obby. Just be ready for the worst.

    This technique requires Respiration 3, auqua affinity, Feather falling 5, Depth strider 3 - Basically Max enchanted gear is best for this. If you don't have max enchanted there are other ways to safely dig straight down. I am explaining how I quickly dig from y=64 to bedrock if need be - the quickest / safest way with a way back up. Yes, I do fill the top 5-6 block back in after I scoop my water back up so it's not a death trap for another player.

    The Super Turkey does not spawn very far below ground. Just far enough that the gamer tag won't show up from top sometimes. Chunks are only 16x16 block so if you are in center of the "Zero Chunks away" you will easily find him. Like everything else with practice these mobs get very easy to find after you do a few.

    Here's my last bird kill. It's dark but you can see my water where I dug down to get him. and yes... I have a few tokens

    If the turkey spawns in the nether it can get trickier. He can spawn above you or below and with all the nooks and crannies difficult to find.
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  5. I hope you don't mind, but I have a rant.

    I'm proposing that this thread change its name to "Shoot the Suggestion Down" thread. I think I make suggestions that have at least some merit. I'm glad you have ways that work for you. But your ways don't work for me. Instead of destroying my suggestions, how about how to improve my suggestion. Whenever my suggestion gets shot down, I feel bullied and not want to make suggestions.

    I'm sorry for derailing this thread with my rant. And I'd like to get this back on topic about my suggestion and how to improve it.

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  6. We are trying to help you with suggestions. I am sorry you are taking advice personal. People who have responded here have been on this server for years and are trying to pass on knowledge they and myself have learned to make your experience better on EMC. It seems as if someone doesn't agree with you they are against you. This simply isn't the case. I enjoy your ideas and when you post it to forums it is open to discussion. We are trying to help you the best we know how and share tried and true techniques with you.

    I'm sorry if you take anything personal but after years of playing here and knowing how these Turkeys spawn and where I personally don't feel this idea isn't needed. I tried to share a very simple way for you to try. EMC tries to stay true to vanilla / with exceptions. Everything you suggest is more modded. Try a Modded server if you aren't happy here.
  7. My problem is that I have a mental disability called Asperger Syndrome. Part of that disability is taking things personal when I should not. I'm just frustrated that I can't find the turkeys when they spawn underground. The two I did come across was by sheer luck.

    P.S. I've tried other servers. This server is the best.
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  8. Please understand that I mean the most respect to you and we (anyone commenting) are trying to help you to achieve whatever the topic is... Yes they (Turkeys)can sometimes be a bit tricky and if you like I could come help you find a turkey when 1 spawns near you. I want to help you and yes I agree. This is the best server and I don't want you to leave. My comment was only that everything you suggest is more modded when EMC does try to stay more true to vanilla. No disrespect to your ideas and suggestions.

    I'd be happy to help you in game with anything you need :)
  9. I think the EMC compass does give some good opportunities to improve the distance messaging for the holiday mobs. I think the exact implementation would need some tweaking to keep the search fun, but I think there is something here