Spawning underground

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  1. When I spawn home or when guest spawn at my res they spawn underground 50% of the time. A quick respawn will fix this most of the time. However it is killing my business. Please help.
  2. Try moving your teleport spawn. This can be done by moving to the place you wish them to spawn at,
    and typing /res tpset
  3. Here is what I generally do in this situation: Build a dirt pillar that is 3 blocks above your spawn point (If it is outside. Make it shorter if inside) Once you have done that, type "/res tpset" and remove the dirt pillar. That way when people visit your residence, they will not get stuck in the floor as MC is placing them above the floor. :)
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  4. Before you do what you said, is that why you sound like your getting high dropped on the spawn?
  5. I did what Crazy had recommend and it worked. I was being spawned 1 block under the surface. So when I dug a pit it would spawn me under the pit. It is fixed now. Thanks for a timely response.
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