Spawner Trade market.

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  1. Hey, guys. Many of you know of me for my spawner selling services. I shut them down a while back because of the wild "reset". I honestly believe that this is just a rumor. So I am restarting my business.

    If you don't know how this works, I sell your spawner, and keep 10-20% of what it sells for.
    I also will buy your spawner for 65-75% of what I'd sell it for. This in turn makes a trade market for people to easily buy and sell there spawners.

    The business is being reset up on my second res on smp 8.

    Also note that I make skeleton and zombie grinders, but I highly recommend AlexChance. He is "da man"
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  2. I have a Single Spawner close to an outpost on Utopia.
  3. I am currently setting up the board. Please pm me with what you'd like to sell for.
  4. Cool, I might end up selling you some spawners I run across in my wilderness adventures. :)
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  5. Just as a reference, you can trust Manglex when buying spawners from him.

    Heck yeah, I'm tha man! :D
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