Spawner Selling Prices

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  1. At you all know. IceCreamcoz has lifted the Monster Spawner Ban. I join during/just before this ban was made so I dont know what the average prices were.
    Please could someone tell me the average prices for

    Zombie Spawners

    Skeleton Spawners

    Spider Spawners

    Cave Spider Spawners

    Blaze Spawners

    - ClickZz
  2. Hmm this like good idea sorry useless comment but I'm interest what prices going to be
  3. LOL Well I'm selling a normal spider on for 3k. Zombies are better so 4-5k as they are easier to work with. Skeletons have more desirable loot such as bones and arrows so I guess 6-7k?
    Cave spiders well....I dunno but they are expensive grinders so I guess like 4k.

    Blaze are REALLY good so I guess 8-9k by themselves.

    Doubles should be initial price+20% of original price, which seems pretty fair.

    If you guys disagree feel free to correct. But these are the prices I'd pay and sell.
  4. Hmmm that sounds about right
  5. I would have said a lot more than that, but I'm not 100% sure.
  6. It comes done to 2 things: Supply and Demand.
    If there are plenty and no one wants then they go cheap, if they have all been sold off then the ones left will be worth alot!
  7. Yep supply and demand
    Also check 621op auction for double blazer auction he wanted 250k then went to 40k then 20k and onward. The thread goes on but it's how good a person is at haggling prices
    -side note- be careful doing deals with 621op heard he owns tons of R to people.
  8. Don't worry He paid my Subscription, I'll give him build rights when I get back from like 2k+ from wilderness
  9. Thank You all. Who would like to buy a zombie grinder already set up?
  10. Nah im good I have like 3 spawners.
  11. Double Blaze (Non-made) = ~10k

    Double Blaze (Made) = ~30k

    Utopia Double Blaze (Made) = ~60k
  12. If anyone has a utopia double blaze ill buy it for 70k :)
  13. And THX Dwight very nice what you said about me
  14. I think SephirothWS has one 621. He might sell it for 100k, i dont know. you'll have to ask him.