spawner elevator?

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  1. so i found to skeleton spawners and im tring to join them together, the problem is that there too far down and i was wondering if any one could help?
  2. I can help out, basically making a water elevator.
    You may ask this to a supporter so they can /map hide so i can help you as soon as the supporter contest ends and we get an answer out of there :D
  3. lol saw u had like 30
  4. Um is so hard to make one
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  5. 36 to be exact :p well, at least an iron supporter so i can hit that hide and go to the mine :)
  6. so is there a video you've seen of someone making 1?
  7. I was actually looking for it, maybe i can bring you to mine at smp3 but till then :(

    EDIT: wanna make one together with me?
  8. sure if u have the /hide thing at some point if u want to use the ones i found its a dual skeleton
  9. Nice, i just have to wait for it to happen, then i can meet up with you and i show you how to swag with those skellies :p
  10. lol yup
  11. i see ur a diamond supporter now huh?
  12. If the spawners are to far away to be activated from the same block - i wouldnt bother using that location for an Exp grinder.
  13. Try this:

    There's two things you'll want to keep in mind. One is that you need to be 16 blocks or closer to each spawner in order to keep them both active. The other is that they will stop spawning if you don't carry them away from the spawner. Not sure of the number. He says eight in the comments for the video. The last one I did has 14 blocks between and works fine. The one before that made a right angle turn at the top of the elevator and didn't work so well. The distance there would have been somewhere around 8 point something blocks.

    You should be able to find a landing spot that satisfies both requirements with a little Googling or experimentation. I hope you have fun with it.
  14. sorry to bother you this is a mountainous seed just copy and paste the random number within this txt file

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  15. If it's a spawner you're trying to make, click my signature for more info. :)
  16. i could do it
  17. I don't use it much any more and Alex sorry but ur prices seem too high
  18. How much spawners is it?