Spawn rate has dropped

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  1. Hi, I have just noticed in the last few hours, the spawn rate has dropped.

    The enderman grinder i've been using for a while, is now spawning enderman slower. I've not modified the grinder in any way before/after the change in spawning. So my question is:

    Has the spawn rate been changed in the last few hours?
    Or what could be affecting the spawn rate all of a sudden? (Assuming someone else has not build anything near me in the last few hours, which i'm fairly certain they have not)
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  2. There could be another player in the end. Minecraft has a mob cap of 70, if there are 2 players in the end you both will share the mob cap so around 35 mobs will spawn in you grinder while the other player has 35 mobs.
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  3. I'm pretty sure mob cap is 80~90, even then mob cap on emc is per loaded chunk's so two people can be 200 block's apart and both reach that cap.
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  4. I was the only one on the server for some of it...

    But I've just been told by friend that spawn rate seems to have gone back up again... after the reset. Perhaps was just a
    pre-reset weird thing.. dunno. (was low spawning for like an hour before)

    And, although players in a world share mob caps, that cap is HUGE. It's unlikely that a few players in the end would ever reach that world cap (they'd reach their own area cap long before that). What it might mean is that the game spends more time going through more loaded chunks, thus reducing the rate the game spawns as it does more work. But I have never noticed that in The End on SMP5. Even with multiple players there.
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