Spawn protection in the wild

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Have you ever fallen into lava and suffered greatly?

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Yes... Sniff sniff 12 vote(s) 92.3%
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  1. Hey it's me, ThereRnoBirds again. I was just mining really far out in smp6, carrying 12 diamonds, and tons of other riches. I had to leave, but then a terrible thought hit me. What if I logged back on, and there was a creeper. I'd be really angry. I locked my chest, but still. I had a few new miner safety precautions in mind. First, lots of people have fallen into lava before, by trying to mine something. Always place a dirt or stone block under that obsidian, or check for lava droplets. Second, maybe JustinGuy could try to find a plugin saying " if a player logs In, he can't die for 30 seconds. But, If a player is near x hazard, logs out, then logs in, the protection is not granted." that's to prevent cheating death. Please leave your comments below, and I'd you have any tips for people, please share them. Hopefully, this "program" will lower mining casualties. I have more ideas in mind, but this will do for now.
    Have a good one, and happy mining,
  2. Seems like a good idea :p but Monsters won't spawn around you when you log on.
  3. I'm just guessing here, but I don't think Minecraft has the advanced technology in it to be able to determine the difference between logging out and back in being normal or to avoid death.
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  4. Mobs normally won't spawn in unloaded chunks (I think) so you should be okay.
  5. Its possible but with the constant 60 players logging in and out it's for sure it will take up processing power. When a player logs in a plugin determines or catches when a player logs in, and the plugin will launch an event handled by bukkit's event handler. A event is triggered and the event will try to search the radius around the player (lets say 5 blocks) and if it finds dangerous blocks such as source lava or lava it will "return" a event telling a code "if(get.player()is.yada.near.yada.block(LAVA) don't let player have god mode for 30 seconds". That's not really a code but its sort of like it lol but I think you get what I mean. More complicated things have been done with Bukkit :p.
  6. Believe it or not, I've died that way. Creeper...
  7. By the way, i like your skyrim avator logo
  8. ty :)