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  1. Dear moderator, admin, etc.

    I have a ranch on lot 970 with a chicken cop, and a pen with mooshrooms. 2 of the chickens and the mooshrooms wont grow up. I eggified em to get them in the pen. I am thinking there is a bug with your spawn egg system. Please help.

  2. When you place spawn eggs, they are babies. Just be patient buddy, animal growth takes a while :D
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  3. I have waited the growing time of over 20 mins. I looked it up on Minecraft wiki and it said they should have been adults by now. I swear something is wrong unless u messed with with breeding system.
  4. Has the chunk been loaded?
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  5. The mobs might need grass to grow - turn fire spread on. /res set firespread t

    Also, your name might cause a few issues O_O
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  6. O.O
    How did I not notice that before?!
  7. Not also does the chunk be loaded by either you or any other player, but also 20 minutes of game ticks must pass. That's not 20 minutes of real time, unless the server is quite idle. Just look at the night sky to see how time passed on the server.

    Hint: Best way to measure time on the server is counting day/night cycles. Each is 20 minutes of game time.
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  8. I don't wait for animals to grow just hatch them and have fun playing minecraft come back when I remember them and ta-da! They're all grown up ;)
  9. My chunks are ALWAYS loaded. Well, most of the time, anyways.
  10. The server lags a bit with the day and night cycle, making days longer, This may be the problem. For me it takes about an hour, so i spawn like 20 animals and log back in later for maximum benefit.
  11. My chunk is almost never loaded. :( I planted seeds in my res and was gone from the game for over a day (real-time day) and the wheat had barely grown and was still mostly though I had just planted it. For town to be more useful, the server should have the whole loaded at all times... it's no fun if you literally have to sit in your res for things to happen there.
  12. The problem is that there are just so many chunks, for all of them to be loaded would take a HUGE amount of RAM. It would be cool, but I don't know if it's feasible.