Spartan's Farm and Shop!

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  1. Hello Fellow EMC'ers! I have been working hard to get a Farm and Shop done for the public. It has been open but no one has come cause it wasn't fully done and not advertised. I have many things for sale at the farm and shop. Down below will be all the information about this build.

    - Chorus Farm
    - Pumpkin Farm
    - Food Farm
    - Barn with Animals and Shop Chests
    - Cobble Generator
    - Trading Post
    - Small Automatic Tree Farm

    Items For Sale
    - Chorus Flower
    - Chorus Fruit
    - Pumpkins
    - Pumpkin Seeds
    - Oak Logs
    - Eggs
    - Milk
    - Wool
    - Rabbit Hide
    - Cooked Porkchops
    - Mushroom Stew
    - Wheat
    - Carrots
    - Potatoes
    - Sugar
    - Beetroot
    - CobbleStone
    -Beetroot seeds
    -Whear Seeds ( Just Seeds xD )
    -Cocoa Beans ( Called "Brown Dye" )
    -Hay Bales

    Note: There Is a Villager Trading Spot On The Res, I Do Note Supply The Items That You Need To Trade With. Plz Bring Your Own Materials, thx :D

    There May Be More Stuff Added In The Future

    Location- /v +farm2 on smp8

  2. Bump

    Restocked Items!
  3. BUMP

    Added Stuff/New For Sale:
    -Beetroot Seeds
    -Wheat Seeds
  4. BUMP

    Limited Time Offer Stand Up
    Current Offer: Nether Star [ BOUGHT ]
    Current Offer: 4 End Crystals for 500r
  5. BUMP!

    New Items At Limited Time Offer
    2016 EMC Birthday Cake!
    Get It Quickly Only Available Today!
  6. Bump!

    2016 EMC Birthday Cake Sold!
    HashHog head Now In Its Place Only Available Till Tomorrow at 3:00pm EMC time
    Once Sold There Wont Be A Limited Time Offer Item Till Next Week!

    All Items Restocked!
  7. BUMP!

    Items restocked and Limited Time Offer Item Sold!
    New Item Coming Next Week ( Monday )
  8. BUMP!

    Items Restocked!
    Weekly Limited Item Coming Tomorrow!

    Thx PuppyViking9 and anyone else who has visited and/or bought stuff from my farm and shop!
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  9. BUMP!

    Weekly Limited Item Is Out, Green Krysyy Head!
    Items Restocked

    Dont Forget To Come Check It Out at /v +farm2
  10. I'll be sure to take a gander really soon!
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  11. BUMP!
    Green Krysyy Head Still Available
    Items Being Restocked As I Type

    Come Check It Out At /v +farm2
  12. BUMP!

    Big shoutout to MrCDub who's junk was tons of items that were need fore my farm and shop :p So MrCdub supplied a lot cause it was junk for him!

    Thank you tinypiggles716 who bought a lot from my farm and shop!

    All Items Restocked

    Green Krysyy Head Still For Sale, Price Lowered To 700k!

    Finally, A New Shop Added: Cocoa Beans ( The shop chest says Brown Dye but thats Cocoa beans :p )!
  13. BUMP!

    All Items Restocked :D

    New Shop Added: Hay Bales!

    Green Krysyy Head Still For Sale, Price Lowered To 600k, Final Price, Only Available This Week!

    Come Stop By At /v +farm2
  14. Nice farm you've got there. Would you ever have a public breeding barn in the future for high end horses?
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