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What Else Should We Add?

Spawn Eggs 12 vote(s) 80.0%
Other Woods 7 vote(s) 46.7%
Sugar Cane 2 vote(s) 13.3%
Wheat, Carrots and Potatoes 3 vote(s) 20.0%
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Spartan Supplier
    An Official Spartan Inc Business

    Spartan Supplier is Spartan Inc's Official New Supply Thread. You Will Find our Larger Stock Items Here. This Idea was brough to me by Jay25000, a member of Spartan Inc. He, along with myself and KillaSpartan5. Will do our best to keep you supplied with the materials listed below.

    Stone/Stone Brick:
    64r Per Stack
    Minimum~9 Stacks
    Maximum~Double Chest
    32r Per Stack
    Minimum~9 Stacks
    Maximum~Double Chest
    Oak Wood:
    128r Per Stack
    Minimum~1 Stack
    Maximum~9 Stacks

    Spartan Inc Terms of Purchase [READ]
    Do Not Pay Until You Are Told Your Order Is Ready (Makes It Easier for Spartan Inc)
    You Will Have 1 Week to Pick Up Your Order (If you don't Spartan Inc Keeps It)
    You May Only Have 1 Purchase at a Time (You Aren't the Only Buyer)

    Message to Spartan Inc Staff:
    Other Staff Member who Wish to Help with this Project, PM me here on the forums.

    New Thing: Please pay the Spartan Inc Member who tells you your purchase is ready.
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  2. May I please purchase a DC of your finest cobble?
    price: 1728r
  3. 18 stacks of stone brick for 1152r. Is this ok?
  4. I will get it to you as soon as I can... I will inform Jay of this thread also... I don't think he knows I posted it already.
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  5. Will you post when it is ready? I will pay when you have a chest set up. Thanks
  6. Vacation policy like if your going on vacation and you can't pick it up.
  7. sorry internet was down ill get started on it :D
  8. ok the 2 orders are done MHeller2017 and LuckygreeBird and pick up is at 16444 should hv a sign that says pick up hv a nice day
  9. Btw I will add this in the original post but you will pay to person tells you your order is ready... idk if you guys have payed him yet or not, just decided to mention this.
  10. Ok I will pay when I get on later. Thanks 1152r correct?
  11. You Would be Correct, payment should be made to Jay25000
  12. Ok but i need a refund i manually paid not knowing he made a sign for payment...
  13. Np I Payed u back
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  14. I'll buy another DC of cobble if I so may.
  15. ok ill get started on it :D
  16. OK lucky Your order is ready :)