Spartan Party!

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Are You Ready for a Spartan Party???

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Sure... 4 vote(s) 33.3%
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  1. Hey Guys! My 500th Day has Finally Arrived. Well... It will be tomorrow, May 12th. I planned on doing something this weekend but I got busy and Mothers Day got thrown into it so as you can see, it didn't happen.

    Anyways... Moving On To What This is About!

    This Coming Weekend I (Hopefully) Will Be Able To Celebrate! As of right now though. I don't have much planned. All I can say is I will have a drop party. It will include Iron Ingots, Coal, Gold, and more. A beacon may be thrown in also... The Donation Room is at 1683o on Smp8 (my first res). Also... I would like to do some fun little games depending on what I get set up before this coming weekend.

    The Exact Date and Time Shall be Posted as we get Close to This Weekend. I hope you can all come!
  2. Bump. Who's gonna be joining me for this?
  3. I will!
    Happy 500th Rebel, you've been a great presence on SMP8 ever since the day I joined. Here's to 500 more! :D
  4. Im going to go also :)
  5. I will make an attempt to go. Congratz! Turning this into an AMA :p What was your favorite memory on EMC to this day?
  6. Hmm... Tough Question... I guess if I've asked it I should answer it though... I don't think I could put it down to one thing. The thing is the players and staff have made every moment on EMC one to remember.
    You Bet!
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  7. UPDATE:
    Drop Party Donation Room is set up at 16830 on smp8.
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  8. this is... jam
  9. Only 42 Views?!?!?!? This is This Weekend Guys! We need to Spread The Word!
  10. This is Tomorrow!
    I will Post Roughly an Hour before it Starts!
  11. I can't wait to go
  12. This Will Start in 1 Hour on Smp8!
    Drop Party And Wither Fights!