Spare Some Sandstone

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  1. Hello players, I accidently reset my res with all of my sandstone in it, Its for the flooring into my New Mega mall. Well i need more sandstone.. If anyone could spare some sandstone ( doesn't half to be much ) It would really help out.. thank you

    I am on Smp2... res 3075.
  2. Hmm, how does one re-
    Y'know nevermind, when I get back on EMC Ill donate :)
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  3. Yay, thank you zoe....
  4. Exactly what i was thinking... It seems like it would be very difficult...
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  5. Yeah no prob, I just hope I have enough rupees :p
  6. Zoe, work on may castles!! D:<
  7. Oh, im ban.
  8. Hmm - Couldn't a diamond supporter buy like 16.5 stacks of sandstone on there 1.3k daily allowance? (Figures taken at 80R a stack)
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  9. Oh yeah...
  10. Another point i was thinking about! And im still wondering how someone accidentally resets their res...
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  11. My guess is he did a reset then realized he had left some sandstone behind. If it were me, I would be out mining sandstone or digging sand right now, but to each his own.
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