Spam Filter for Elongated Characters

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Good Idea?

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  1. I purpose that when a player tries to say something that includes an unnaturally long string of the same character, it gets blocked by the filter. This would help with people putting !!!!!!!!! or ???????? at the end of every message they type. I also think it would help mitigate the problem of everyone "sleeping in chat" which happens when people are lying in bed and feel the need to type an excessive about of z's.
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  2. i think this should be a thing, but instead of just not letting them say it. What it would do is, say there is more than 5 "!". It would delete 4 of them and still let the person talk. This would be so much less annoying. And If someone is talking, they wouldn't get annoyed by the message "Blocked by filter".
  3. Same with caps, if it's all caps send it as only first letter caps'd.
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  4. I wouldn't mind seeing an autokick in place for elongating words..
    Using more than 5 ! or ? is just unnecessary.
    But yeah, a filter would work too.
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  5. That is a good idea too

    i could see it going like, lets say someone says "!" 5-15 times. then it would just remove all the extra ones and give them a red message saying "please don't spam punctuation". If they use 16 or more, then SYSTEM would auto kick them for "Spam and Unnecessary Punctuation".
  6. I would like to see a kick as well, but maybe after they do it a few times
  7. I really don't understand the concept of kicking people for chat offenses that are mitigated anyway.. Have the system mitigate the offense and move on with your day, kicking is only enraging the person who did it.
  8. I think it depends on how you approach this. I agree, it doesn't make sense to censor a post for excessive single-character successive content and then also boot them.
    As I see it you can:
    1: Censor posts to filter repeated characters. (Harder)
    2. Disallow posts with repeated characters. (Easier)
    3. Offer warnings, then boot. (More balanced)
    This allows for some flexibility, for example someone offers a one-time "Zzzzzzzz", their post is not reduced to "Zzz" or blocked entirely, however if they try to spam, then they are just ejected from the game.
  9. Millions of Bukkit plugins already exist for this, so no coding required. Kind of surprised EMC has made it this far without getting some sort of backup on chat spam and such, it's pretty much one of the first things you pick up when you make a server.

    None the less, support the idea if caps are included, kind of got tiring seeing all the people jumping on every chance they could to tell people less caps or that caps are against the rules. If you can download one of a million plugins to fix the issue from the start, why make it against the rules imo.