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  1. Show a short summary of your single player worlds here and post a few pics to see what you do on sp!

    So, when I made my mobarena on that certain world, I decided to make more, mainly single player mobarenas. I tested them and they were fun! I had one that was a rapid spawner from a single dispenser and a zombie apocalypse room. In the rapid spawner, every time the pulse went through, a mob popped out, either a blaze, witch, skeleton, or zombie. This was the 2nd hardest other than my actual mob arena. My zombie apocalypse room was, at the beginning, the hardest because it spawned 6 zombies every 3 seconds. Now its much easier, having only 4 zombies every 10 seconds. Added Skeleton Mob Arena.

    Skelly Mob Arena (after a test run lol)

    Rapid Spawner

    Zombie Mob Arena
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  2. Every singleplayer world I make, I name Corneria. I ussually make a new one after a major update or tragic deleting accident. I'm on my fourth right now.

    Heres what I got so far. 2013-02-16_16.30.47.png 2013-02-16_16.30.37.png
  3. What is this "singleplayer" you speak of?
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  4. :confused:
  5. It is a joke referring to the fact that I don't play much singleplayer anymore.
  6. i have redstone stuff. lots. thats all : )
  7. Or is it?
  8. Aliens.
  9. :eek:
  10. I mainly use singleplayer worlds to design and test build things in creative. I occasionally start a hardcore world when I am bored.
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