[SP Build] Majoris Tower

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  1. Lately I've been working a lot on an SP build that I've decided to call Majoris Tower. (Name comes from a constellation named Canis Major, yes I'm into space)

    This has taken me at least a month or so, working at it for around an hour a day. If you look at the pictures in the album, you'll notice the WE axe in my inventory. To set this straight, I did NOT use WE on the build itself. WE was used to fill the glowstone column in the middle and that's it. Each and every block you see on this build besides the glowstone column was hand placed by myself.

    So here's the album, leave your comments below :)

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  2. I really like it! good job haro :D What will you do with it now? ~FDNY21
  3. I'm not really too sure, it's 95 wide so the only way to get it in EMC is to cut some of it (which I don't want to do), make it a double-res project (I'm pretty much out of res's), or build it on a utopian res (I'm not a supporter).

    So for now it'll kinda just stay on SP until I figure out a way to get it on EMC :)
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  4. Wait for dragon tombs to come out and you might be able to build it in emc frontier :)
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  5. I'd actually prefer to build in town, mainly because you can't die and it's easier to get around and grab materials. Also there can be constant visitors as opposed to having to run out to visit.

    I'm probably just going to wait until I possibly get 2 more res's or a utopian res.
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  6. I am not to sure about the name though.
  7. Canis Major :p

    I liked it, other space-related names sounded a little too sharp to be a fluent tower name. :)
  8. There are many more out there.