Soul's Christmas AMA

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  1. I thought I'd do one of these things again. I was bored, its Christmas Eve, and I need to do something to pass the time because the day is dragging on and on >.>

    Ask away.
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  2. Does Santa actually kidnap children and replaces with cloned ones?
    Kangaroos or rabbits?
    Are you Santa?
    How on earth can a company produce socks for children that has very pedophile text on it?
    How does one talk in Welsh language?
  3. Pepsi or Coca Cola?
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  4. Manchester United or Manchester City?
    • Probably not.
    • Rabbits.
    • Yes.
    • No idea.
    • Have a Welsh grandmother who taught you to say some phrases (merry christmas, happy new year, happy birthday etc.) and the meanings of Welsh location names.

    I don't play, or watch football. So... :p
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  5. haha Let down xD
  6. Mitä kieltä tämä on?
    Should Independent Royalist Party of Estonia been a serious thing and Prince Edward to become the King of Estonia if won the elections?
    Is color orange da best color 4ever?!?
    Which one do you choose: Nick or Nick?

  7. what is stuff
    why do you punish souls
    • Finnish.
    • Dunno.
    • No.
    • Bob.

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  8. Is the worlds most dangerous road located in Norway?
    Should have Russian Empire never took Latvia and Estonia from Swedish Empire?
    How's the weather over there?
    Is McDonalds land ruled by a dictator?
  9. No idea.
    No idea.
    Probably not.
  10. Will nfell2009 make the best and greatest prison that's better than Norway prisons?
    What could make me happeh?
    What does the word tee mean? Pick one: road, tea or cup?
    Where the heck is Chascarillo?
  11. North pole or South pole?
  12. No.
    No idea.
    No idea.