Soul's 16th Birthday Q&A thingy!

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  1. Yo.

    I'm doing another one of these. It's for my birthday though, so try and make at least one of your questions related to age-changing. Stuff like "what do you hope to accomplish over the next year?", or "how was being 15?", is extremely welcome :p
    I like better questions than just your generic, un-funny, AMA joke questions so if you have any questions about general life stuff lay them on me.

    I do one of these pretty much every year: I compare my birthday to a Doctor Who regeneration. I'm choosing the Tenth Doctor's regeneration again because my life was going so well until recently, and I currently feel like I'm in the middle of an explosion. Over the last month I've had friendships break down (one in particular has depressed the hell out of me. I'm hoping to 'reboot' it sometime in the near future, but I have my doubts they'll let me do that), my final exams have started and end in a month's time, I've come to the realisation 'wow, this is it' and that I'm totally screwed if I carry on the way I am, and that my life is chugging along at a pace I'm uncomfortable with.

    Saying all of that, this past year has probably been one of the best in my life: problems that started when I was around 12 years old have totally faded at this point and new easier to deal with ones have taken their place, I've finally took it upon myself to learn another language and I think I know what I want to do over the next five or ten years, I feel like my personality has shifted to be slightly more likeable and I've changed a ton (most notably, I cut my hair lol, and my music taste has polarised extremely and I consider that to be a big part of who someone is) and I've developed new hobbies I never thought I'd do before. I even won someone over with my sense of humour, which is a first (they are the friend I've lost I'm hung up on :/). I've also made it a point to try and chase my dream of making a game, which I've had since I was about three or four years old (life was so much more simple back then lel). A huge confidence boost has been seen in me over the last few months, I've been told :p

    Now I have to go forth and get a job, start college, probably feel like a Year 7 again in September, and be... 16. What an icky number.

    But ja, I feel like I'm in the middle of the most explosive and stressful time in my life so far and it's only going to get worse (I think) for at least the next three months before stuff normalises once again - so here's the tenth doctor's regeneration if you somehow have never seen it:
    February-April lol:

    May lol:

    Its pretty accurate actually because I stole Matt Smith's hairstyle.

    Don't ask I'm weird.

    So yeah. Think of some questions.

    I'll answer some of them.
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  2. wots your favorite Steam Game mate?
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  3. m8, where you from?
  4. I dunno. Probably Fallout New Vegas. Maaaybe Skyrim.
    SomeBigTownI'mNotNaming, Liverpool, Merseyside, England, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Europe, Earth, the Milky Way, the Universe.
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  5. Yo m8. Happy bday.

    What's the greatest experience you've had in your 16 years?
  6. I know his address :}
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  7. You haven't worked out mine yet though ;)
  8. Oblivion at Alton Towers is pretty up there.
    Going into secondary school was pretty exciting.
    I'm rolling with meeting friends though - all those that I've lost and kept and murdered :}
    *old address
    I moved April last year lol
  9. bump just cause
  10. What's your favorite sport?
    Mines Rugby! :D
  11. Dodgeball.

    I only play it once at the end of every school term, and I finish school in a month lol, so I'll be a fat potato this time next year.