Soulbound = unbreakble infinity ?

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  1. All soulbouds are for life right. you cannot lose then and the cannot break ?
    Asking this because the ham hacker damage bar is slowly going down,
    and sofar right mouse dont repair it.

    In other words if it say souldbound and final you can never lose it because damage on the item ?
  2. An item being soulbound does not mean it will be unbreakable.
    If it's soulbound, it means you won't drop it when you die, but it can still take durability hits and be destroyed.
    The only items that will be unbreakable will be the Voter's Items.
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  3. Even then the voters items take damage, you just have to relog for the item to fix.
  4. You dont need to relog, just click the right mouse button when the item is selected and its repaired.
    Ok. Would be nice if the item is tell if it 1 time useable.
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  5. you can actually left click with them and they go back to full durability. Works for me.
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  6. Final is the flag that states its 1 time, which should be on every soulbound item.
  7. Then why isn't the Headless Horseman Mask Final?
  8. Because that is not something that would need repair in an anvil.
  9. Yeah, putting a jack-o-lantern on an anvil and whacking at it wouldn't end so well - unless you're Gallagher, I suppose.