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  1. Hello EMC community, and this is Soul Inc. If you're wondering what I mean, just read this:

    So yush, read on! :D


    This project started out as a weebly website and when I released it for Beta testing we merged with the EMC Wiki team. This made the project go back to Alpha stages and the project took longer, but as of 25th July it is almost finished with a new website (developed me)and upload page (developed by JackBiggin). The project allows users to upload their EMC creations onto a web-page where it is filtered, accepted by a mod, and then starred to go onto the weekly showcase :)

    This project is still in planning stages and will be developed by Soulpunisher only, but it is a website that allows Empire Minecraft users to read guides on how to survive in the wilderness, how to make a cool shop in the town world, how to make a base in the nether and how to make a base in the end world.
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  2. I think you should add a little to Simplicity because there is a section on the forrums just for guides, perhaps you could add like good places to buy/sell also a list of buisness. Maybe?
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