Sort've a Suggestion, but more of a discussion. ODST.

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  1. Think about it. Many of you that have the Master Chief Collection may have just gotten, or at least noticed the ODST DLC. I was thinking... I know that is bad for you, but... So when you click the join, it puts you in a "pod" (Glass structures) when the game starts, the bottom opens up, and you drop onto the ground, where you get a bow with power 3 maybe? Oh, and arrows. Then Special mobs are pitted against you. I had the idea for some. If you[d like to hear em, comment!
    Good idea or bad?
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  2. Interesting idea although seems more like its own event more than anything. Maybe you can set it up in the wild. Make a dark room and hook up some spawners so everything funnels in. Use a piston to open the bottom of a glass box and drop them in. It is like a mob arena with a special entrance
  3. Thats what I was thinking. More of an event.
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  4. If you set up a good darkroom spawner, you could try setting it up yourself.
  5. Its like mobarena, but with bows only. Hmm. *cough* new round for mob arena *cough*
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  6. a Bump I guess?
  7. Where could I get the spawners? Using a silk touch on one?
  8. If you can't find any spawners, set up a dark spawn room (there are many guides online) that spawn without spawners
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  9. okay. Well, I was thinking, when I said "mobs" I was thinking of like tough mobs, say enraged. This would probably have to be an event. Maybe enraged skeletons as brutes, and regular skeletons as grunts.