Sorry for the site being down.

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  1. Yes, we know the site was down, and for a good while. I personally, have no idea why, and I am very depressed that I could not answer all of your questions about this topic. When ever I was asked about the website being down, I made sure to answer to the best of my abilities:
    Extraterrestrials (Aliens).
  2. It's this new data-centre.. Every Friday for the last month we've had downtime.
  3. Darn it my Tomato hackers failed to the aliens.....
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  4. I thought maybe Equinox Boss had overloaded it Liking a bunch of posts.
  5. I knew malicaii wasn't lying! He said it was the Aliens! The green kind with big eyes.
  6. Its that cow and his milk spilling habits.
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  7. Sure you weren't being silly and cast a spell on the site?
  8. Who knows, it still defaults to blaming the cow.
  9. thanks for reporting it :)
  10. You guys just don't understand. Its Aliens, well atleast thats what malicaii said...
  11. It is an cover for the Illuminati( which the staff is part of).
  12. oh oh.
  13. I have no idea what you're talking about. ;)
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  14. ;)
  15. 1st rule of illuminati club, you do not talk about illuminati club...
  16. Nice rule ;)

    ps : You just talked about it so your abusing to :eek:
  17. now this topic is going to be all ;)'s.... ;)

    SEE.. Now you got me doing it!
  18. So those arts and crafts hung up that say "made by the Illuminati club" shouldn't be put up on display?
  19. No there fine, just hide the documentation linking us to the Freemasons.