Sorry For My Actions :(

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by SkullHair, Nov 16, 2011.

  1. hello guys i am just here to say that i am trully sorry for that scam i pulled off about the 10 r diamonds, i have made up with TeCk_ and, flyingarticles is know not angry at me since im tecks friend, and i am sorry for spamming the chat with my shops adds i have learnt my leeson and i have been punished for it so i hope i will come back to the empire and know you can now trust me unlike before i have read the rules again and i have matured in a way. So sorry again and i really want to come back to the empire to join my firends and mine another day :D Thanks alot Dark_Liz for giving your time to read my bann appeal and thanks to all my friends on the empire for backing me up ecspecially TeCk_
  2. You should read the material on ban appeals here.
    This thread you have posted is incorrect. Search bar is your friend here in the Empire.
  3. i have already sent a ban appeal to an admin this post is just to say sorry to everyone but thanks anyway
  4. Thank you Skull, and twitch I think that this is more of a formal apology to the Empire, not a ban appeal. Thank you Skull for apologising, hopefully you have learnt your lesson now. :)
  5. Twitch, he even says and I quote "Thanks alot Dark_Liz for giving your time to read my bann appeal".
  6. thanks
  7. I forgive you. ;) I like ur chickens XD
  8. My mistake, I was under the impression that you were writing this as a ban appeal. I considered it an honest mistake as the ban appeal thread is not pinned. Thank you for the apology. I hope you are truly sincere. :)
  9. guess what guys im back yayy :) you all had a part in bringing me back aswell so thank you all.