Sooooo.... I died

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  1. On new Years eve night I died in the wild of smp4 very close to spawn. I lost 6 diamond blocks, two lapis blocks, some gold, some iron, and a lot of cobble. Also a silk touch diamond pick. Crazy told me where to look for them, I went back the next day and they were gone.

    I'm only asking if anyone picked up these things up to please return them to me.

    Boats and hoes, MerkyMind
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  2. They probably despawned if you waited until the next day. You should have tried to get them immediately right after you lost them.

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  4. They might have despawned but prolly got pick up from someone. Sorry for your lost
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  5. Actually they shouldn't have despawned until the chunk was loaded but they would have despawned because each server does a midnight server reboot, and it clears drops too.
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  7. Items will despawn 5 minutes after they leave your inventory. If it was close to spawn, there were probably people cose by to update the area. If no one is around to do chunk updates, they can last forever, but they're probably gone now.
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  11. Nononono, ask Pandas about that :p
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  12. I love it when people quote my posts because I love to hear what they have to say!
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  13. Yea this happen to me before I died at my slime farm "darn slime" lol but anyways I raged quit and didn't go back there for 3 days but when I arrived to it my stuff was still there lol
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  14. Jacob, none of what you're posting has anything to do with this conversation...

    As for your problem merky, I have a good bit of iron I'm not using, tell me if you want some.
  15. I didn't know that. Thanks for your help.
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  16. I have given you 1000r to help buy your stuff back. ^.^
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  17. Actually, I did post the very first post on this thread and it seemed to be helpful.
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  18. Good guy SthenosX
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  19. I would also pay... I am not at a computer though... I'll pay you when I can get on one.
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  20. I try to be, I enjoy helping other's ^_^
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