Soooo... Family guy....

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  1. Watch the video if you are a fan of family guy and discuss, I do believe the video may contain mild language so watch at own risk.

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  2. See my current status :(
    :3 I don't like it at all.
  3. I was literally screaming at my TV all like HOW COULD YOU DO THIS?!
  4. XD :3 I um. I just watch it when my parents aren't around and when they are they don't let me watch the show :p
    I still end up watching it though, and I literally watched only the part where Brian died and said "REALY? REALLY! OH COME ON." I flipped the channel from there.
  5. Whats next replace quagmire with a cleshay asian guy that runs a limo service. Or have the new dogs old family be the sopranos that move in next door and kill all the griffins and then move to jersey and have the show based on them.

    This is sad..... Its clear they are trying to kill the show. If they don't want to make any more they should just stop making them or just a final episode, not completely ruin it.
  6. Well in the video I linked it said that Seth MacFarlane wanted to kill off the show in season 7 and we are now at season 11 so Im sure that is what they plan to do sadly... I used to look forward to this show every sunday but w/o brian... Idk...
  7. I only watched this show for Stewie and Brian
  8. Family Guy use to be in it's prime but now it's just kinda gone downhill. Quite sad
  9. nooooo so sad. This may be a lie but heard Family Guy producers wanted to close it down but fox wouldnt let them so they are killing it slowly :(
    Edit: says that in the video
  10. They killed off more than half their fan-base because of this " Idea "
    Seth stated he thought it would be a " fun way to shake things up "
    I'll only continue to watch it to see where it goes, but im pretty sure they WILL bring back brian.
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  11. people have made a few big Facebook pages to bring him back too
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  12. What I think they will do is see gaining more money in bringing him back, in the next season I think he will suddenly come back from the dead and surprise us all. :)
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  13. but what if they dont want more money and want to shut family guy down :eek:
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  14. If they want to lose money, their loss not ours ;)
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  15. I really don't think it had the affect you think it had. I know of people who watched that episode and will watch new ones now simply because something big happened and it brought them back to see it. People who are upset that someone died in the show (it happens in almost every good show for ratings) will continue to watch it to see where it goes. Even you mentioned that you'll watch it for that reason. People are mad now, but they'll get over it. Seth got the reaction he wanted, tons of free advertising for his show through social media.
  16. vinnie's not even funny (not referring to myself (I used to be called vinny in school)).

    edit) but similar to what icc said ... brian was voiced by seth ... if they technically get someone else to voice the new dog (vinny) ...that means seth can focus on peter and stewie and not have to worry about doing brian's voice too
  17. I don't think his goal was to be funny. He's more of a serious character. Brian was too. His only real funny things were when he acted like a real dog...which oddly enough was the thing that made him odd.
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  18. Anyone remember when Family Guy was still funny and actually a good show?
  19. Its always been a good show IMO, not as funny as the years have passed... but still a great show.
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