Soon the 300 days of Justinguy on the Empire Server

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  1. First thing I have to SAY is CONGRATZ
    I love your server since day one. I got addicted to it that I play it almost everyday in Summer break
    I love your forums and love new updates and new servers
    I love your no pvp thing
    I love your store system
    :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) : )
  2. If you think I'm not telling the truth then type /p JustinGuy on EMC
  3. Justinguys gotta have been here for more then 300 days.... Right Justin?
  4. Smp1 (original server) is not one year old yet, so Justin isn't and I didn't even /p him
  5. We're past 300 days. The /p info starts on the day we launched the "/p info" feature as that's when we started logging it. The first day we stepped foot on the Empire, with maybe 4-5 of us was July 26th, 2011. Not a single residence was claimed. Not a single build was built. It was glorious.
  6. Shush little one. YOUR MAKIN ME LOOK BAD
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  7. Lol. Respect your elder, IceCreamCow. XD
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  8. I finally get to use this.

  9. Ah. The young tiger has learned how to use his claws. Well done.
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  10. I turn 3oo EMC days old TOMMOROW!!!!!:D
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  11. I will turn 100 in two days :)
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  12. On a completely unrelated note, I will have had my hamsters for a week tommorrow. :)
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  13. My teddy bearh hammy died 4/30/12 and the dwarf hamster 5/30/12
  14. That's really sad.
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  15. O_O Awkward...
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  16. backkkkkkk to the subject.
    ICC Doesnt like our builds!!! JK

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  17. lol
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  18. Don't worry I am OVER 9000!
  19. Who were the 4-5 people? Also when did u create GKJ?
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  20. What do you mean GKJ? GameKribJEREMY or GameKribJIM?
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