Soo called "Active Member"

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  1. Hi, I just wanted to know what "active member" does and how many points you need to get it?
  2. You need 25 points to be an "Active Member" :)
  3. i got 23!
  4. To be an active member:
    Post useless stuff / spam threads (like a legit friend i know)
    Answer questions, do suggestions and make good jokes at a good time [...]
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  5. To be honest I don't even like the ranking system built into Xenforo (this forum software). I have often thought of getting rid of it.
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  6. Although I have put major effort into gaining each rank without being a forum hunter, I agree with this plan entirely. :)
  7. :O don't you dear Justin, i would cry. (And become diamond supporter just to get a 'name':P
  8. It should also be noted that your "active member" status will not show up if you are a supporter as your type of support will override your status field.
  9. We should have upboats :)
  10. im 2 likes off of being an active member
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  11. ONE!
  12. You mean upvotes? That's pretty much what a like is.
    Actually, you need 18 more likes.
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  13. Upboat, Upvote same thing :) and having upvotes implies that we could also have downvotes -- now those would come in handy ;)
  14. 0000000
  15. oh lol whoops i was thinking trophy points.whoops.i actually need 17 more like :/
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  16. That could be interesting.