Songza-- The greatest music app I have seen

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  1. I recently got a new phone and it came with ear buds so I was looking for a music app. I wanted something that I could use without really knowing what I want to listen to. I then saw this app and since it was free tried it out and love it. The best feature is the way it picks music for you. Based on the day and time it shows you tasks you may be doing. You then select one of the playlists it has and listen. If you know what you want to listen to then you can just pick a playlist and skip the activity thing. The best part? NO AUDIO ADS. When you get into the music you won't be thrust back by the annoying ads.
  2. I just use I heart radio or Pandora. Mostly Pandora. I might get ads, but at least it's only for 5 seconds ;)
  3. Hmm, always looking for new options. I'll download this :) (If I remember that is)