Songs with greater/deeper meaning.

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  1. Today, i was playing resident evil 6, mercinaries mode, while listening to captainsparkelz "Fallen Kingdon"
    The lyrics,
    "As the undead roamed the street
    Families broken at my feet
    Life itself suspended by a thread
    Oh, why is it that I wasn't dead"
    Were sung, it hit me: Zombies roamed the city/streets,, and familes were dying/broken. Also, mabye Leon or Chris was wonder why there were still alive
    Have any songs "Revealed" It's self to you?
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  2. Only the one previously mentioned.

    Although I do like listening to it while practicing for hunger games. :p
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  3. Wish to share the story? ;)
  4. (In my mind)
    What happened to the king? Why is it that he still had all of his reign, but he doesn't rule anymore?
  5. I dont wanna miss a thing by Aerosmith.
    The song is based on a man as an astronaut singing to his wife that he doesnt wanna miss a thing about her if he dies or somethign happens.
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  6. If you didn't know, the king in the video was a ghost. He was dead. He, as a spirit, was re-visiting his kingdom and looking at the past and how it was destroyed by mobs.
  7. I don't know where you got that impression, the "making of" commentary seems to think he is still alive.
  8. WHAT
  9. It makes sense. A fall from that height would kill you, and if the video went on, i would think he would've landed on his head and broken his neck
  10. Harlem shake is so deep!
  11. LOL
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  12. Mad world.
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  13. He landed in water.
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  14. I don't think that was water below him....
    Looks like road.
  15. Maybe Mackelmore's "Wing$" it's about him when he was younger and he wanted to be cool and to fit in, so he bought a pair of shoes that he thought would make him cool, until he realizes "It's just another pair of shoes." So he realizes its not about the clothes on his back, and goes back to his old pair of shoes.
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  16. The post-processing effects made it look like a road, but if you go into the actual map you can see it's a well.
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  17. Fullscreened and paused.

    Mine is this:

    Not sure Type-O Negative's actual message but for me, it's a case of I'd rather be someone besides me. Someone more successful (not necessarily famous). Life has always given me the crappy hand. Things get better (two steps forward) just to get worse (three steps back) right afterwards and just keeps on kicking when I'm down. As far as the Two Glass houses, twenty stones, There are always two sides to every story. Everyone always says/wants to believe/make up what goes on with my life when they don't know what really does.
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  18. Is that water or road?
  19. Water.