Songs To Make You Smile!

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  1. So here are some songs that make me smile.
    Because I want to share the happiness here they are...
    Please note this is just the music for me...
    Why not post some of the music that makes you smile :)

  2. I listen to depressing music; my music doesn't make me smile.
  3. All music make's me happy. It take's me back in time. Thought depressing music does not bother me :D music is music :)

    Balamory Theme Tune

    Teletubbies Theme

    Ghost Busters

    Big kid at hart and that's what puts a smile on my face.

    Edited lol
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  4. Some cursing and stuff so not for every one :cool:

    Not a song but brings a smile to my face
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  5. I tend to like very upbeat and happy music, such as these:

    and for a little variation, here's one that doesn't fit in with the others, but still makes me smile:

    I could post a lot more, but I'd be surprised if most people bother with even these. :p
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  6. Normally I wouldn't post this, but it's in the title for God's sake!

    Psychologists now use this as a tool to determine if people are sociopaths.
  7. Beat me to it xD
    Aw well have this Remix
  8. If i want to calm down or smile i listen to:

    That is one artist, now for my favorite of all time...

    This isnt a song, it does have explicit content and is proably not meant for anyone under age 15, im not going to post it but if you want a link PM me.
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  9. I always smile after watching this video. This guy has some great dance moves.
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  10. After all what is a song with out a good video...
  11. OMG! Eeeeeek! I remember this! :D
  12. This is song will always put a smile on my face even make me cry with happiness. You will you what I mean if you have watched it. if not listen to it.

    Owl City - When Can I See You Again? (From Wreck it Ralph)

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  13. I almost wrote "Pretty much everything by Owl City" in my post, but I forgot for some reason. I hadn't actually heard that one, but I like it a lot. :D
  14. 0_0
    Guess I gotta post some of this music!
  15. I watched this when I was little and mum say it made me happy and that I sang along to it lol ( 90's Baby ;-)

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  16. Just found this and I love it

  17. You live in the black metal capital of the world and you listen to stuff like that...
  18. I don't care what people think of my taste in music really, nor should anyone else care what people think about theirs. Music is an entirely subjective experience, and I don't understand why people have this need to judge others for what they like. I find it analogous to telling someone "Oh, your favorite color is yellow? Blue is obviously the better color," or "Your favorite meal is lasagna? Everyone knows pizza is the best."

    I also listen to metal, if it means that much to you, but it's not particularly songs that "make me smile," except for a few, and those aren't black metal. When it comes to me, mood boosting typically means light, bouncy, happy pop music.

    As for where I live having to do with my taste in music, well... We have a saying in Norway, "Norwegians are born with skis on," but if you put skis on me, and expected me to do much, you'd be sorely disappointed. ;)