Son of Oblivion!

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  1. I've been busy creating the follow-up to the OoO from before the wild reset and now the fruits of my labor are mostly paid off:

    Behold the BoS: the Box of Suffering.

    A 67x67x20+ box of pure, crunchy monster goodness.

    It's spawn rate is still kinda slow, so I'm hoping some other minecrafters can provide some assistance in tuning up the drop rate, I'm afraid that the lower levels have too far of a drop and mobs don't casually wander off those platforms as often. I've been considering dividing off the center chute into 4 chutes ( to allow multiple people easier and to reduce that drop height) If anyone has any suggestions about this, please share.

    The current drop area is also only temporary, the ideal height to leave all mobs alive has yet to be found since mobs sometimes take falling damage moving between platforms. (And trying to rebuild the platform with creepers and skeletons and spiders falling on you all the time is tough.)

    Once a good height is found for a drop zone, I plan on building it out of obsidian so it's creeper-proof.

    As the monster spawn rate is kinda lackluster right now, this isn't really meant to be a 'high exp rate' spawner, rather it's intended to be an easier method for obtaining gunpowder and music discs.

    Now some rules:

    1. Please share!
    2. Don't go inside the spawner without permission. Doing so will be reported as griefing.
    3. If you harvest any of the renewables at the drop base, please replant. Serial offenders of this rule will also be reported for griefing.
    4. Have fun!

    Special thanks to Margaritte and SteveTheKitteh for their building assistance!

    Find us right off the south-west corner of the center wilderness reset zone on SMP1!
  2. Wait were you the one that built the monster spawner in the jungle on smp1?
  3. Yeah, due to 1.2 AI changes, and 1.4 ones, mobs don't casually wander off anymore. They're smarter than that.
  4. They still wander out, just not as much as I'd like, but them wandering out at all means there's got to be a way to exploit their behavior.

    If I didn't have to worry about things being griefed, I'd set up something with water to 'flush' them out (I may still on a small scale)

    then it wouldn't matter if they didn't want to walk off or not...

    Nope, the water in the bottom of that one was all messed up. I didn't have anything to do with that one.