Sometimes the customers are just wrong.

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  1. Maybe it is me, or maybe its because I am fairly new, but I thought when you have a shop you want people to buy your things. You as shop owners make it hard to buy your things when:

    1. Jump up and down on me or the shop sign.
    2. Run circles around me and spamming that you are having a sale
    3. Open and close the chest of the item I am buying from, stopping me from hitting the sign.

    And my favorite

    4. Ban me from your shop, because me buying things is filling up your chat. (I needed ten logs)

    I was not buy excessively, and I do not buy to restock a shop of my own.

    Please let me give you my money and fast and painless as possible, Thank you
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  2. Sounds like you've been looking for logs in all the wrong places...
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  3. i know it is my profile picture but this is how i felt when i read that
  4. Glad I could be of service.